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About game:
"Join the secret society of tough, elusive and noble safecrackers. Accept the challenge and win the grand competition.Go through all the continents and crack more than one hundred fifty different sophisticated chests and safes to become the best safecracker in the world. Elude the police and find mysterious friends who will help you."


- Variety of fascinating puzzles.
- Beautiful and vivid graphics.
- Easy and clear game mechanics.
- Unique rewards for each chapter.
- Personal trophy room.
- Ability to share the cost for your capture (wanted price) to facebook and twitter.
- Geographically accurate puzzles.
- Vertical and horizontal device orientation modes.


Robber Chief is an exciting and colorful world for fans of mysteries, puzzles, brave explorers, and treasure hunters. As always, the real treasures are hidden behind locks, which are in the form of clever puzzles and codes. This is a unique opportunity to test your smarts and attention in order to win the title of Safe`s Chief Robber!

Just imagine a world of competitions besides bartenders, burger eaters, and pageants – there are competitions among robbers. An old and secret league organizes these competitions. This is a league consisting of noble people whose interest’s go beyond the desire of money. Their goal is to solve challenging locks, codes, and ciphers. As all competitions, there are prizes – trophies and the honorary title of Robber Chief.

Goodluck! :)

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